Photography by Celeste Noche
November 5, 2017


Name: Mercedes Orozco

Pronouns: she/they

Background: Born and raised in Mexico

Medium of choice: I value the conceptual value of art so much that I couldn't possibly single out a medium. But I personally tend to mix media by collaging with illustration and photography.

Karaoke jam: I keep it safe with screamy stuff like Violent Femmes, but have recently decided that next time, I'm going to do Smash Mouth's "Rock Star"




An art a day keeps self-loathing away!

“I'm often drawn to seek out bigger cities with more diversity.”

Tell us about one of your favorite Portland memories: Probably the very first fall season I experienced here. I am still in awe every day, even after 5 years, of the beauty that is the fall. But that very first one... wow. 

Please share a time it was difficult living in Portland: It is often difficult living in Portland, unfortunately. I'm often drawn to seek out bigger cities with more diversity.

How do you stay inspired in Portland?: "An art a day keeps self-loathing away!"

How can Portland support you and/or your community?
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